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Trade name: Risperdal.
Main ingredient: risperidone.
Pharmacotherapeutic group: antipsychotics.
Product: pills.

Mechanism of action

As a result of the selective action of Risperdal on some metabotropic, membrane and other receptors there is a stable therapeutic effect which is used to treat schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders.

Indications for use Risperdal

  • Schizophrenia — primary psychosis, acute attacks, chronic, prevention of attacks;
  • Psychotic disorders with positive and deficiency symptoms – delusions, hallucinations, suspiciousness, afraziya, state of indifference, and others;
  • Mitigation of depression symptoms, anxiety, feelings of guilt arising from schizophrenia;
  • Treatment of behavioral disorders for patients with dementia with aggression;
  • Bipolar disorder manic state.

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