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Risperdal – is a neuroleptic with antipsychotic activity. He has hypothermic, antiemetic and sedative effects. The indications for its use are:

  • acute and chronic psychoses or schizophrenia;
  • other psychotic states with severe productive, negative, affective symptomatology;
  • drug addiction and medicines abuse;
  • prevention of relapse.

Also, this drug is recommended to use as adjunctive therapy at:

  • bipolar disorder;
  • the treatment of manias;
  • destructive behavior, aggression, and impulsivity;
  • behavior disorders in patients with mental retardation and with reduced intellectual level.

Risperdal reduces aggressiveness, automatism and productive symptoms such as hallucinations, thought disorder, delusions, suspiciousness, etc. The drug induces less catalepsy, in comparison with classical neuroleptics, and minimizes the suppression of motor activity.

Analogues of this drug were first time approved for use in 1993.

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