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Trade name: Risperdal. Main ingredient: risperidone. Pharmacotherapeutic group: antipsychotics. Product: pills. Mechanism of action As a result of the selective action of Risperdal on some metabotropic, membrane and other receptors there is a stable therapeutic effect which is used to treat schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. Indications for use Risperdal Schizophrenia — primary psychosis, acute


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About the drug Risperdal and its online buying Risperdal – is a neuroleptic with antipsychotic activity. He has hypothermic, antiemetic and sedative effects. The indications for its use are: acute and chronic psychoses or schizophrenia; other psychotic states with severe productive, negative, affective symptomatology; drug addiction and medicines abuse; prevention of relapse. Also, this drug


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